Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Internets.

Sometimes, I think (this is where people that REALLY know me say "wait, you know how to think?") about what life would be like without the internet. I mean sure, there was a time when I didn't rely on it at all.

But I was 4. And the only thing that mattered was Nickelodeon and snack time. #ChubbyKid

I pretty much live on the internet. It provides access to things in basically every asset of my life, except when I'm on the football field, jukin' and dodgin fools, and scoring all the touchdowns. 

Let's start here:

I'm currently sitting at work (yes, on a Saturday), doing work work, homework and watching the Masters. 

I pay my bills and do all of my online banking, through the internet.

I can watch instructional videos on YouTube for a variety of things, such as, learning how to install a leveling and spacing kit on my jeep. Answer: Pay someone to do it. Thanks internet!

I booked a few vacations not too long ago. I was able to use a few different websites to find the best rates for flights, things to do in the area and most importantly, the best places to eat!

I'm able to express all of the sarcastic feelings I have, in 140 characters or less, by using Twitter. And Twitter is my main outlet of news and other random junk that I fill my head with every day.

So, the moral of this story: the internet has evolved into something that we now, can not live without. As consuming as it can be, there are numerous ways that it can make our lives more efficient. Like not having to go to a school campus, and taking online classes.