Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sin City

Ive been recording this new show on the Travel Channel called Bert the Conqueror. This guy (named Bert) travels across the nation and visits the best and coolest theme parks.

One of Bert's first shows was about Las Vegas. More specifically, the Stratosphere.

The Stratosphere is the tallest observation tower, and the 5th tallest structure in the United States at 1149ft. tall. AND it is the tallest structure in Las Vegas.

What do you do when you have the tallest structure in Las Vegas and a very crazy, insane imagination???


First.. there is the more tame one out of the group. The Bigshot.

It is pretty much like the Superman ride at Six Flags Over Texas, except it's on top of a giant tower. I give this one about a 5 on the Ricky WILL pee on himself scale.

Then, there is X-Scream.

This ride is a giant see-saw. Watch the video. I give this one an 8.5 on the Ricky WILL pee on himself scale.

THEN, there is Insanity!

Im not bad about heights. But I hate spinning. So now.. If i am spinning 900 some odd feet in the air, im hating life. Look at that thing! (Are you looking, or did you turn away like I did?)
Ricky WILL pee on himself scale = 9.9

Now, for the granddaddy of them all...

The Las Vegas SkyJump.

Think of it as Skydiving minus the parachute, or bungee jumping minus the bungee.

You (The customer) have to jump off of that blue ledge and then you go straight down...
Apparently it is safe, but I dont know if I could ever bring myself to do it.  VIDEO!

I definitely give this one a 16 on my stupid made up scale.

Cant wait to go to Vegas... and watch other people do this crazy stuff.

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