Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Each year there are a few days that I REALLY REALLY look forward to.

1. Halloween - Duh! If you dont know this by now then you're a jabroni.
2. Fourth of July - Fire + Fire = AWESOME

And number C.

April Fool's Day.

The history of this day dates back to 1429 when a court jester in Spain set out 1 day of the year to fool every person he saw as he was working for the King of Spain at that time. The Queen (who happened to be named April) loved his idea so much that she declared the day, April Fool's Day and from then on, they celebrated with pranks and jokes as a way to take their mind off of the current stresses of life.

That was completely made up.

I freakin love this day (said in my Jersey Shore Deena voice). It's a freakin blast (see previous). Some of my favorite pranks in the past were telling everybody to text Jody because he was going in for an emergency appendectemy... Or telling my co-workers at Spring Creek that I was in the hospital and wasnt gonna make it to work.

This year was different. I had to top everything that I have ever done before. And I believe I did.

My highlight -  The Tattoo of Death.
Rumor has it, that if you get a tattoo of your spouse somewhere on your body, it is bad luck. So I talked to Cody over at Bonehead Tattoo and asked him to help me out. We put a stencil of the name "Lindsay" on my forearm, from the elbow to the wrist, then added a little black and red ink for extra effect.

To make it more believeable, I checked-in at the tattoo shop on Facebook. Then I waited until around 11:30 and posted the pictures on my page. With the help of my devious Aunts, we got it in my mother's head that I got this huge tattoo of Lindsay's name on me. And man was she mad/sad/upset/angry/worried etc. She was trying to be sly and get me to go to lunch with her so she could see it. But being the master prankster that I am, I wasnt budging. Then the questions started.

In the end, I told her it was fake, and she was relieved. I did ruin her day though. Oops.

ALSO... Shout out to my homie B.Bell for being my partner in the little prank we did at work today (Fake email, Co-worker is "getting married and leaving the company". Insert photoshopped picture of our co-worker and random guido, then send to people. WINNING). I think that was a success. Thanks for being cool Jennifer!!! :)

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