Friday, April 1, 2011


Speaking of April Fool's again, one thing that I do NOT like, along with pickles and Mexican food, is getting got. Say it out loud and it will make more sense. I hate gettin got.

Today, I got got. And I am so disappointed in myself. I should have seen this coming.

First... There is a young lady at work that I torture all the time. Yeah, ill admit it. I torture her. She is easy to scare, so I scare her. And when I remember to, I record it. She's been saying that she was gonna get me back, but I didnt think she would.

Yesterday, I even wrote her son on Facebook and asked him to mention me when he talked to her, and she freaked out. And when I say freak out, she FREAKED OUT. (For some reason she thinks I would be a bad influence on him and her other son).

I was given an idea at work, and I ran with it. I was going to get inside of a shred bin, and ask Renee (My "Victim") to come unlock it and get something out. We had the plan ready and knew exactly how to get her down to our floor, and then I would hop out and scare her.

The plan didnt work out that way.

I can't explain to you how mad I was at myself. It was such a let down. But I guess I had it coming.

You know what???

She has it coming... AGAIN! Watch your back!

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