Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mind = BLOWN

Yesterday, on my way home, I decided to stop and try out this tiny place called Sunny Burger.

See that picture above? There's a liquor store on the left. Tire shop on the right. And the little baby building in the middle is Sunny Burger.

Now, I've heard rumors, from friends and family, that this place has one of the best burger's around. I consistently refused to believe that a place, not bigger than some of the terds I produce, could be that great. I mean, there are SO many great burger joints in Fort Worth alone. There's LoveShack (RIP) and Outlaw Burger and Jake's and Fred's and Smashburger and 5 Guys and Chimy's has an awesome burger and plenty other great names as well.

There's no way... right?

I ordered a #3 meal, no pickles, tomatoes or onions, fries and a Pepsi. While waiting for my food, I sat at their counter watching some crazy game show with a clown on Telemundo. Very interesting.

This burger was massive. Hot. Juicy. Cheesy.  And literally one of the best ones I've ever had. I was pleasantly surprised. I went HAM on this burger, fo real.
*Side note* You know how hard it is to drive down the street with a giant burger in your hands, grease everywhere, steering with your knees? Yes, I know it's dangerous, but I live life on the edge.

Anywho, I highly suggest you make the trip down North Main and get you a Sunny Burger. It'll rock your world. Guaranteed.

And if you do go, make sure and tell them Ricky sent ya!!!

They'll say "Who the hell is Ricky?"

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