Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to the Doghouse

This is where I currently reside. See below to find out why.

(Fictional conversation)

Ben: Hey Rick! Wanna do TopGolf today?
Me: Man I wish I could. I just went yesterday.
Ben: Come on
Me: No Bennett. I will not be able to make it this time. We will get together soon when it is better and convenient for the both of us.
Ben: Sounds awesome man. You're a great dude.
Me: Thanks homie.

(Actual conversation)

Ben: Top Golf Today?
Me: Man I wish. Just went yesterday.
Ben: Come on.
Me: Lol what time?
Me: Damn I can't. Gas and games.
Me: What time.
Ben: Sooner the better. Thinking about heading up there within an hour.
Me: Let me ask the wifey.
Ben: Cool. No biggie if you can't.
(This is the part where I should've said, next time).

Arrived at TopGolf Dallas around 6pm.

Got back home to Fort Worth at 1am.

I slept in the TV room.

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