Thursday, August 9, 2012

That JUST happened.

People always say "Racism still exists".

I'm like, nah it don't.

Well it does.

Here's a conversation that I literally just had about 20 minutes ago.

Me - What's up peeps. (Insert me saying something witty to Alex, then I look over at Jessica.) What up purp?
^^^I said that because she is wearing purple today.
Alex - Oh, I get it... purple... I thought you meant like, a perpetrator.
Me- Nah, I was talking about the color.
Alex - So... what's up "Ger".
(Insert long pause)
Me - WHOA BRO...
Alex - (Insert a shocked/ashamed face) I was trying to abbreviate Green, I didn't mean it like that.
Me - Maybe you should have gone with "Gree" or maybe "Een".

As bad as it was, it made me LOL.

And I know he didn't mean to call me a Ger.

And I know he's not a racist.

He's probably sorry.

Or is he...

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