Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well, the storms were out in Saginaw today. Power went out while I was halfway into a documentary about Stone Cold Steve Austin. (*Sidenote*- Did you know that Steve Austin Also wrestled as Stunning Steve Austin - half of the tag team "The Hollywood Blondes" and ALSO as The Ringmaster?)

Anyways, it got pretty heavy here in these parts. Broken trees, lawn furniture flying, crazy wind, hail... All I was missing was a giant cow flying across the yard. BUT, there was no naders.

Damn, I wanted to see a nader. (*Sidenote #2*- Why is it, that when people tell you to stay away from windows during storms, people immediately go to the windows during storms?)

Looks like its all over now though. Kinda glad too... Can't do fun activities outside when it's raining. I'd have to resort to books and even though reading is fundamental, it lacks fun.

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