Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

I've been tryin a new thing these days... Making Birthday poems. So in honor of my dear brother, Mr. Tanner Blaine Bird Gumby Bentley, I have written a new one.

Birdman, Birdman,
Today is the day,
You're a quarter Century,
The youngness is gone away.

I've known you forever,
Since Guadalupe Drive,
now we are men,
Im 23, you're 25.

You still look like gumby,
6'2 and skinny,
But instead of being green,
You're hairy as hell.

Ive been there for the good,
and for the bad as well,
But the one thing that wont change,
is your hairyness.

You're probably at dinner,
enjoying the rest of your day,
So I guess I can say tons of bad stuff about you since you probably wont even read this for a long time unless somebody tells you,

Happy Birthday to you Brotha.

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