Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I kinda felt bad about this. But eh..

A long time ago, I posted some stuff about the game show I was on, and also talked about how I lost a ton of weight since then.

I sorta twisted the truth a bit...

Not about the game show. I definitely took home that dough.

I thanked Shake Weight and NutriSystem for helping me with my weight loss. But I've never touched a Shake Weight (Even though I really, really want one) and never tried NutriSystem.

Well, I dont know how, but somebody from NutriSystem read that post and they sent me this email:

"We are happy to hear of the tremendous success you experienced while on Nutrisystem! We always stress the importance of ones’ weight loss journey being about a lifestyle change, not just a diet, and it seems that you really embrace those concepts! Please consider sharing your success story with our followers and members in our online community at Nutrisystem.com, Facebook and/or Twitter! Best wishes for continued success!"

Oops. :)

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