Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking of horror movies...

I was watching Tyra the other day when I was sick...

I dont watch this show on a regular basis, but I was surfin channels, saw Mike Epps, and wanted to see what he was talking about. I promise.

Tyra's subject for the day was "Race in your Face" and it had people of all races, asking questions on why certain races do things.

For example:

Why are Asians bad drivers?
Why do white people put their kids on leashes?
Why do little mexican girls always have on big poofy dresses if they're at the landromat or something?
Why do black people always talk to the movies?

Watching "The Last Exorcism" this weekend made me think of a very plausible answer to the previous question.

White people do the darndest things in horror movies.

You trip and fall; You run UPSTAIRS instead of going out a back or a side door; You dont take your cell phone with you everywhere; You want to find out what that strange noise was.

This is why black people talk at the movie screen. We want to express our frustration with your stupidity. We DONT want to see you die, but in the end, our screaming and yelling never helps.

Take notes from us... Run first, and find out what happened later on.

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