Monday, February 7, 2011

The WORST movie I've ever seen.

It all started on a Friday night.

This past Friday night to be exact.

We were at Blockbuster trying to find a couple good movies to watch. Our first choice was "The Descent". It's about 6 crazy girls that go into caves because they are crazy, and then things start going terribly wrong.

Very scary movie.

The second movie we watched... Wasn't so great. I completely blame Laura Craig for this decision. She kept saying "But it's the number one movie in Sweden".

I dont think she realized that we live in America. I was against the vote for this movie and I wanted to watch The Descent 2, but noooooooo. We had to watch this HORRIBLE monstrosity of a movie.

I cant even begin to explain to you how bad this thing was. It was soooooo slow, and long and drawn out.

Ill break the complete movie down for you. (Well not the complete movie, because I gave up on the last 30 minutes of it.)

  • Reporter gets sentenced to jail for slander. (I think)
  • Rich man hires him to find out which member of his family murdered his niece
  • Crazy girl hacks into reporters computer
  • Crazy girl is on probation, and her probation officer forces her to do things she wasnt willing to do
  • Crazy girl gets revenge on probation officer.
  • Reporter finds out that crazy girl is hacking his computer and confronts her.
  • They then join forces to investigate the job he was hired to do
  • They become lovers
  • They go back to trying to find out what happened to the girl.
Add all this together, into a 3 hour movie, with a bunch of other crap that makes your eyelids heavy, and you get...

If you ever rent a movie and you havent heard about it before, make sure you read everything on the covers (Front and back and ALL small print). Especially the part that says "This movie is rated R for explicit language and violent uncomfortable rape scenes etc." (Didnt exactly say all of that, but that was close.)

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