Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is Matt Forte.

Matt Forte is the starting running back for the Chicago Bears.

Forte, (For-Tay, as Joe Buck would say) is a pretty good football player.

Yesterday, when I was in Sundance Square seeing the ESPN set, Matt Forte walked right by me, and I snapped this picture, WHILE his publicist was yelling "He has no time for autographs or pictures. He has a meeting to go to."

The question is, what meeting does this guy have to be in during Super Bowl week? His garbage team isnt playing, because his lady of a quarterback had a boo boo on his knee. These big name guys should know people are gonna want autographs. Plus, the temperature was 10, and there were only about 15 people out there. He couldve given us a little time.

Go back to Chicago, Matt Forte and take your stupid dumb weather with you.

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