Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess who's back?

Yes, It's me, it's me, The D OOOOOOOOO double G.

Wait a second, thats not my line. But I wish I came up with it (Suck it Road Rogg)

Hello people of the internets. My name is Rick. Ricky. It's Ricky ROOOOOOAAAAARRR! I feel like I havent had contact with you in a while. We defiitely need to stop going on these breaks. Im not diggin it at all.

What's been going on in my life you ask? Let's see...

1. Hung out with my nephew Friday. He's the bomb.
2. Kicked it with the Garcia's during the day. I got my tan on, and now I look like...

3. Went out to Baker St. Saturday night and kicked it with the Garcia's, The Napiers and Bird.

Having a job as a bathroom attendent must not be very fun. I know, every time I'm somewhere and there is a bathroom attendant, I walk in, I pee, and I run out. Maybe if they had a credit card machine, I would tip them.

Ok maybe not.

4. Free shots are awesome.
5. Laura Craig is one of the coolest people in the world. I cant wait for Halloween and 85% of the reason is because of her. 10% is because I love going to haunted houses. And the other 5% is because you can pull awesome pranks on people even though its not April Fool's day.


This week in North Texas, temeperatures = HELL

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