Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts in my head.

I love when people tell me I smell good, being that most of the time I dont take showers for 3 or four days at a time. So I must really take some amazingly good showers, when I do.

Black Magic is coming...

I really want to see "The Other Guys", not because it looks hilarious, but because my girl Eva Mendes is in it. I havent talked to her since she used to stalk me on Myspace, and Ive missed her.

Sons of Anarchy starts in exactly one month. Man I cant wait. Im sitting on the couch in my cut and my motorcycle helmet right now.

Speaking of SOA, the trailer for the 3rd season is on right now, and I literally am pooping on myself as we speak. Or type. ROOOOAAAAAAARRRR!

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