Friday, August 20, 2010

TV Shows that make you dumber.

If you are ever at home, and say to yourself "Geez, I feel like being stupider (probably not a word) today", turn on one of these television shows and get to work.

The Hills:

Thank you Lord for ending this show. Why can't they put real people on tv, doing real things? For instance, have a show about a newly married interracial couple, who like to have a good time. They can show the wife going to the husbands flag football games, show them relaxing at home, show them going to work. You know, REAL, average people. Instead, they put a bunch of spoiled, wanna be fashion designers whose clothes only end up at Marshalls, a girl who looks like an inflatable doll, and her crazy husband who wears camo and carries crystals with him.

America's Got Talent. NOT!

Nick Cannon is horrible. 95% of the people on the show have no talent, and I would not pay $175 to go see them in Vegas. Do I really want to go to a CJ Dippa concert? Do I really wanna watch a guy toss pizza dough in the air? NO, NO, AND NOOOOO!

Put 7 bad attitude girls in a house. Throw in cameras, alcohol, periods, and what do you get? A recipe for a sharp drop in your IQ. This show is ridonculous. All they do is yell, fight, go to the club, yell at the club, drink at the club, fight at the club, fight in the limo on the way home from the club, fight at the house, fight in the pool. Then horrible Perez Hilton hosts a horrible reunion show to find out what these lowlifes have been doing since they left the house. Usually, one is pregnant, one breaks up with their boyfriend, but has another boyfriend, 4 are groupies, and one gets beat up and yelled at by everybody else.

At least this show is awesome to watch. So i'll take my dumbness for this one. :)

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  1. i refuse to watch jersey shore...i feel like it will lower my IQ plus just looking at their pic annoys me for some odd reason..lmbo