Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Week

There hasnt been too many things i've been this excited about... (That's a lie, but I just needed a good opening line for dramatic effect)

I mean, Im excited for the NFL Football season. And I guess getting married was pretty neat, but neither of those compare to what will happen in 7 days. (Im lying about that too, I love you Lin).

One of the greatest shows in television history will be coming back and all of my Tuesday nights will be completely occupied. Every Tuesday at 9pm I will be in front of my tv, gun in hand, cut on my back, black bandana and a halfway empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the floor because it will be time for Sons of Anarchy. (Insert loud awesome music now)

If you havent ever opened your eyes to the greatness of this show, I'll give you the 10 second rundown NOW:

Sons of Anarchy is a show about a motorcycle club in California. They dabble in gun running and primarily sell to Mexicans and Blacks because in all honesty, Mexicans and Blacks love guns. They also have a porn studio but a lot of stuff happened with that that you just have to watch to understand. It's loosely based on an actual motorcycle club called the Sons of Silence; If you ever watch Gangland on history channel you will know that these people are no joke.

So back to the important stuff. SOA starts back next week and I have a pretty good feeling this season is gonna get crazy. With everything that happened in season finale last season, I know that things will get wild. And I for one cannot wait!

Follow the link below to see a preview of Season 3.

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