Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy just broke my heart.

The tiny woman in the middle is my mother. (I dont know if you already knew that or not)

Right before my 16th birthday I had been telling my parents how much I wanted a blue truck as my first vehicle. They kept saying "Just be patient, blah blah blah" so I did. On the Sunday before my birthday, me and The Posse all went out to Cowboys to get our groove on. During the ride home, I had some weird feelings like something awesome was getting ready to happen. I walk in, go to my room, and on my bed was a birthday card. It read "Go to the garage and see your new surprise". I cant even begin to explain the excitement that ran through my body. I go to the garage door, turn on the light, and in the middle of the garage there was a little bity, shiny, blue toy truck. Roar.

Fast forward to August 18th, 2010. My mom texts me today and says "Can you call your friend at Ruth's Chris and make a reservation for 4 of us". I was like OOOHHHH SNAAAAPPPPPP! I could already taste the steak in my mouth. Just to be sure, and make it sound like I wasn't being greedy, I responded "Who's all going".

She said "Me, Your dad, and the Lee's."

Roar. Roar. Roar.

The moral of this story is: Assuming things is for the birds.

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  1. lol youre momma was wrong for that...but i love her and i think it was really funny. BOTH of the assumes..lmbo