Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super Man Rant!

I think men should stop being chastised for leaving the toilet seat up. Or maybe I should just yell at YOU every time YOU leave it down.

I mean seriously, for years and years WE (men) have been having to lift the seat up whenever we go pee. We dont complain about that. It's kind of like a mini work out to us. Why cant you let it down without making the "UGGGGGHHHHHH" noise, or yelling "RICKY!!!!" followed by the loud dropping of the toilet seat. Im sorry I went to the restroom in the middle of the night and didnt let it back down. But it wasnt a top priority at that moment. I was trying to aim and focus with my eyes half open. Thats a very tough thing to do.

Also, I apologize if you ever go in the bathroom and dont check to see if the seat is down for you. But it is NOT our fault if your booty gets dipped and purified in the waters of Lake Toilettonka. I dont EVER rob a store without observing my surroundings. Thats just common sense. Think about that!

So ladies, lets come to an agreement. The toilet is a mutually used household appliance, and it should be shared and used with no complaints whatsoever. If the seat is up, or down whenever we use it, we will look at it, smile, and be happy that we have a nice comfy, porcelein throne to use, since some people dont have one at all.

*The views of Ricky Wright and this blog are only silly rambling, and should never, under any circumstances, be taken seriously by anyone.*

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