Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best way to end a friendship or relationship.

It's a little board game called...

The rules of the game are simple: Get the people on your team to say the word on the card. BUT there are 5 words that you CAN NOT use or else you die, or something like that. You see how many you can get before time runs out.

Here's an example.

(The word you want your team to get)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Macintosh
  • Ipod
  • Steve Jobs
(Those are the words that you cant say, when trying to get your team to figure out the word)

It seems simple enough, until you partner with Tanner Bentley and Christopher Nicholas Garcia.

This game gets you sooooooo fired up, because 1. You try to make it as simple as possible to understand what you are saying, 2. You want to say the hint words so bad but you cant 3. You're thinking in your head, "Why arent my friends smarter?".

I was hoping Antoine Dodson would walk through the door, and say "YOU ARE SO DUMB! YOU ARE REALLY DUMB, FOR REAL.

Me: Bird, this is what I say you look like all the time
Bird: Gay! A wolf!
Me: The second one that you said. Now say the whole word.
Chris and Bird: Ummnm.... Wolf. Coyote. WOLVERINE!!

The word was "Werewolf" and no, we didn't get the point.

I guarantee, if we would have played another game or two, and lost, there would have been more punches than an NFL game. (Yes, I just made a reference to the Andre Johnson/Courtland Finnegan fiasco).

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