Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Folks keep em comin.

Ma: Ask your Dad what kind of sauce is on the wings.
Me: What kind?
Pop: Habana.
Me: Habana???
Lin: Does he mean Habanero???

Ma: Aww you got me every color of socks that I need. Now I dont have to wear yours anymore.
Pop: Yeah put mine back in my drawer. I hope the alaska is still good on them.
(Alaska = Elastic)

Ma: Lindsay, I went to Yogurtland today and I got like 4 different kinds in my cup. I had strawberry, chocolate and vanilla swirl, and then I put some plumgrannies in it. We used to eat the seeds from the plumgrannies when we were little!
Me: Hahahaha! You know it's not a plumgranny right???
Ma: What is it? (Completely serious)
Lindsay: Pomegranate.
Ma: (Embarrassed) OHHH MY GOOOSSSHHHHH! I said that to some people at work and they probably think I am so country now!

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