Friday, November 12, 2010

For some reason I keep having flashbacks.

Thinking about the times when I was young, and I wanted nothing more but to be on a Nickelodeon game show.

You know... the good ones. Like:

I envied Annette, Donny and Omar. They had the coolest jobs ever. Go to work, wear colorful t-shirts, and make kids act wild and crazy. You can't beat that.

I dont know where the top two are, but Omar was in the movie Baby Boy, and he scared me.

Who can forget Legends of the Hidden Temple?
This show creeped me out at first, because I thought the jungle bunny people who jumped out and grabbed you during the final challenge, would keep you FOREVER. I know I would kill it though. We would definitely be the Blue Barracudas, get all of the pendants, find the ancient artifact (usually something wild like one of Bigfoots terds or George Washington's favorite pair of teeth), and win my trip to SPACE CAMP!

But my all time favorite Nick game show was...

Of course I would love the show with all the sports in it.

My mom actually took me to a live Nickelodeon even at the Convention Center a loooong time ago (Along with Disney on Ice and the Circus) and they had a GUTS part in the show. I was in awe. That Aggro-Crag looked like Mt. Everest to me. But Im sure I could have climbed it in no time.
Did it make anybody else mad when people would forget to hit one of the buttons and have to go back? Scrubs.
If I got the chance to be on GUTS, my intro/bio would go something like this.
(Narrated by Moira Quirk)
Our blue contestant is Ricky "Freight Train" Wright. He is 12 years old from Fort Worth, TX.
Ricky's favorite sport is football and his favorite player is Barry Sanders.
His hobbies include video games, magic and wrestling. Ricky says he has absolutely no competition, and the other contestants should take their consellation prizes and go home now.

Those were the good ol days...

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