Monday, November 1, 2010


Today, on one of our breaks, we had a discussion about mice. One of the "elderly ladies" told us a couple of her horror stories.

She told us one about a mouse being in her washing machine, and then one being in her car as she was driving.

So I started thinking to myself... Is it bad that I am completely terrified of rats/mice/rodents? I downloaded a picture of a rat that I was gonna post on here, but I dont want to add it until I'm completely done writing because it creeps me out.

They are so yucky.

Yes, Im bigger than most of them, but still, I cant stand to see one, or look at one for long periods of time or anything. Im getting the chills right now thinking about these nasty things.

If you are reading this (Yes, all 5 of you that are payin attention to a computer right now), I want to know your biggest fear. You can comment on here, or comment the post on Facebook. I want to see some good ones!

Like how Jerremy Barber is deathly afraid of crickets!

Or Jody Keeler hates spiders.

Or Chris Garcia hates girls.


  1. ahahahahhaa! "Elderly ladies"!!!! You better be afraid of her if she reads this! =)

  2. Just how old is "elderly"?

  3. Elderly = whatever your age is now, plus 20 years.

  4. Skeered of SNAKES!!! and throwin up (puke, hurl, blowin chunks, etc.)!!!