Thursday, November 25, 2010


I don't know if they thought this acronym through. Because instead of sounding all crafty and clever, it means "New Kids on the Backstreet Boys". Think about it...

Anyways, I saw their little performance on the AMA's Sunday. Yes I was singing along, but they were missing one thing.

True talent.

I could get 8 guys (To make a total of 9, because Kevin quit the Backstreet Boys to get away from the royal embarassment of this tour) and sing 10 times better than those old farts.

If they REALLY wanted to make some true cash, add N'Sync on the tour.

Wait, I take that back. N'Sync should do their own tour. And the opening acts should be 3LW and All 4 One. That would be ultra legit.

See, they are the best.

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