Tuesday, October 5, 2010

After a long meditation period...

I have decided that my official AFC team that I will fully support is...

Why the Jets you may ask?

Not because they are winning (right now).

I have had my eye on them for a while now.

They have my favorite NFL player: Runningback Ladainian Tomlinson. Any team he's on, I like.

Love the trash talk.

Rex Ryan is a GREAT coach. He doesnt care what people think about him. He has a foul mouth. Always goes into game with a winning attitude. Very emotional. And cares about his team and noone else.

Braylon Edwards likes to drink and drive. Gotta support that.

They are very cocky. Some people think that this is a negative thing in sports. But you always have to be a little cocky with any sport i.e. Football, basketball (By the way, I'd chose Kobe over Lebron ANY DAY OF THE WEEK), Boxing, ping pong, cricket, Lingerie Football, checkers, Speed, Connect four.

Anywho, if I ever get enough money, I will definitely buy me an LT jersey. And by my Grandma one too, because she loves her some LT.

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