Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am shocked, saddened and EXCITED

Shocked because I can't believe I didnt find this sooner.

Saddened because I have no time to experience this, this year.

And excited because I am MOST DEFINITELY planning a trip to go to Austin SPECIFICALLY for it. (The use of caps should let you know how serious I am.)

Maybe a year or two or three ago I was searching the internets and I came across an article about this giant crazy haunted house with 13 stories and if you make it all the way through, you get a prize and blah blah blah. It was supposed to be just a myth, but this billionaire video game guy named Richard Garriott actually took the concept, and ran with it. He fronted the money, people volunteered numberous hours, and they successfully put on this haunt/video game/scavenger hunt at his house in Austin. It started in the early 90's and went until maybe 1997 (I dont remember exactly).

Apparently, somebody else took the reigns, and they have been doing this, in Austin (only 5 hrs away from me) since then. And now, Garriott (The BILLIONAIRE) is letting this organization put this on, on his property.

The haunted house is fully interactive, as in, the actors can grab you, touch you; you will have to run, jump, hide, row, and claw your way through all 26 stages of it. And you will definitely be dirty if/when you complete it.

I can not wait to go. I know I will have to wait a year for next Halloween to come around, but I'm pumped already. Check out their website for more info, pictures, news and videos.

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