Thursday, October 21, 2010

People STILL dont believe the things I say... Then again, I wouldnt believe me either.

Take a look at the clip below...See if you notice somebody kind of familiar.

Yep! That giant chunk of chocolate was me. I was close to 250lbs!!!

But thanks to Nutrisystem and Shake Weight FOR MEN, I am now the lean, mean, copy making machine that you see today.

How did I get on a game show, you ask? I have no earthly idea. I remember I was applying for tv shows, because I wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune or Real World. I got an email. They emailed back. Then they (producers) called and did a phone interview. Then they came and filmed segments in my apartment. While at lunch, the main guy directing the shoot said (in his fancy British voice) "By the way ol chap, you will be flying out to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks to finish the show".

AHHHHH!!!!!!!! LA!!!!!! Im gonna get to meet somebody famous maybe!

 Unless you are a fan of the Real World/Road Rules challenges, you would have no idea who this chick was. But I did.

Micheal Madson (Resevoir Dogs, Free Willy, Kill Bill) was also at the hotel bar, but he looked drunk, and I didnt feel like getting punched.

What was it like being filmed for a nationally broadcasted game show that only lasted 1 miserable season????

Like watching some of these Cowboys games lately; boring, and not at all what I thought it would be. I sat in a room for about 10-12 hours. Every couple of hours, the host would come on the tv and say "The next person to get eliminated from the show is" .... very long pause.. even longer than what Ryan Seacrest would do.

What were the other contestants like? Well we had a guy in a wheelchair who previously raced really fast go-karts, but then wrecked and now sells art which he paints with his wheelchair: A Hollywood matchmaker who looked like leatherface: A very nice, funny, gay man who had contracted the AIDS virus, but didnt let that stop him from being a pretty good actor, and who also put on mystery themed birthday parties for children: A polygamist lady who had 11 kids and was pregnant with her 12th but did not notify anyone of that until she arrived in Cali and her husband had more than one wife: And me, a 19 year old college student who was dating a white girl.

Insert large gasp. Seriously, I was the weird one of the group??

Anyways over the course of the show, they showed the various segments that were filmed at our homes and the questions they asked us i.e. whipping your children, gay marriage, weapons, legalization of marijuana *SIDE NOTE* When someone tells you "You dont have to answer a question if you dont want to" that secretly means, "We really hope this question makes you uncomfortable so you say something random on camera that everybody can laugh at".

A guy asked me if I smoked marijauna. I said "No I do not". He asked me if I had ever smoked marijauna before.

In my head Im thinking... My mom, Aunts, Grandma, church members, teachers, parents friends, friends parents, will all be watching. So I blurted out "Next question please". Little did I know that they would stamp a giant POTHEAD sign on my forehead.

Let me get back on track. After the questions, they showed us on a hidden camera in a taxi, and wanted to know what we would do if we found a random cell phone. Shout out to the guy in the wheelchair for keeping the cell phone, because he thought that there was a possibility of there being a hot chick on the other end, and maybe he could land a hot date (not making that up at all).

In the end, I came out victorious. I received a large check, and now the money is gone. Tha End.


  1. Where's your episode, dude? Haha

  2. I can't find it online anywhere? I have the video at the house though.

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