Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just heard a commercial on the radio that was begging the citizens of Dallas County to vote against the expansion of beer and wine. The gentleman speaking said that beer and wine will make crack houses and drug dealers worse and crime will rise because of it. This is dumb because:
A. Dallas crime is bad without beer and wine.
B. Crack houses are bad because of crack. Drug dealers are bad because of drugs.
C. Crackheads drink beer because it is legal and when you only have $1.74 in change, you don't want to buy a double cheeseburger. You want to buy a 40oz of Old English (that was a shout out to my people at OE just in case they wanna sponsor the blog or something)
Whether or not this bill gets passed does not matter to me... But they just have to realize that people will drive long distances to get their alcohol.

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