Friday, October 29, 2010

Whatever mask I get next year, better be completely AWESOME!

Because I love this one.

Work was fun today. People were dressed up crazy, plus I got me a good scare in. (Look down below for the video). But enough of that small talk... IT'S SHOUT OUT TIMEEEEEEEEEEE! OHHH YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!

There are very few today because these are the only people who follwed the rules...

I would like to shout out to:

Tyler Shane Pruitt - You will not win our poke war!

Andrea DeShaunte LaJuanda Ross - Even though you super liked it, you only get one shout out this time. Thank you so much for the effort though. I appreciate it whole-heartedly.

Josh Childress - Hola Compadre

Jody Watkins - I cant wait to see you guys this weekend! Let's play some beer pong and get crazy!

I would also like to shout out to Dirty D, NW Jana and Hocus Pocus for your 14 attempts at trying to scare me. You are failures (But yall are so much fun)

Everyone have a great and safe Halloween! Im sure I will have lots to talk about on Monday.

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