Thursday, October 28, 2010

I stole this. Because I'm a stealer.

Let's start at the top.

1. My middle name is Lynn. It was given to me by an ancient African ruler meaning "Powerful young man".
Don't believe me? I wouldnt either. It's my Dad's middle name. So I get it from him.

2. I used to have my ears pierced. Tattoos... hmmmm... There's a lot. I have my initials on the back of my arms, just in case I forget. Big fish on my right arm with the word "Family" because they are the best and mean the world to me. Where would I be without them??? Kanji symbol for Mother on my right bicep because she is the best! Cross over my heart, cross in the top middle of my back, my last name across my back (Just in case I forget), a number 7 on my back left shoulder because 7 has so many great meanings. Brotherhood in Kanji on my left ribs, because I have some of the greatest friends/brothers anybody could ask for. FTB!!!!! Ummmm Faith on the right side of my stomach, a big symbol on my right ribs that means "Only God can judge me". I think thats it.

3. Right now, it has to be Sons of Anarchy. It's a very honest show.

4. What can I say about FTB that hasnt already been said about the Sons of Anarchy. When we are all together, its chaos, and fun. We have all known each other for a long time, and we are just awesome like that. Deal with it.

5. Blue, Black and I dont know the last one. Maybe white? You know why! Love you Lin!!!!

6. I love the Summer summer summer time... I like to be outside and swim and you can do all the fun stuff in the summer.

7. I stole this from Brian Price. I dont even know what a tumblr is?

8. Im a little bit of both. When im in the zone to work out, I hit it hard. But sometimes I just wanna come home and chill with a glass of my toddy.

9. I cant even read what that says, and if it says meme like I think it does, I dont know what that is?

10. I want a puppy. Bad. Nuff said.

11. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gym Class Heroes, and im pretty sure N.E.R.D. counts as a band, so suck it.

12. As Garcia would say "Doo-Shay"

13. The movie?? Or actual, mean girls. Never watched the whole movie all the way through. Mean girls are really mean.

14. Dont have any siblings. Only child life meant to me that I needed to go out and make friends. So I did.

15. Pizza and Cheeseburgers are the best.

16. That Jazmin was a stone cold fox!

17. Ugg boots?

18. I actually drink more milk. These bones are tough.

19. E.M. - H.B. - M.K.

20. Yes, because I am like Ray Charles without them.

21. Im not the studying type.

22. Football. The best sport known to man.

23. Lady Gaga Rocks  (I retracted my earlier statement about Lady Gaga. She is an artist, and why should i hate on her because of the GREAT things she has accomplished?? That's right, I shouldnt. I apologize to Gaga and her Gagaoians. )

24. Last movie we saw was The Town. It was pretty good, but we went during Senior Citizen hours, and all the old wives kept asking their husbands what was going on.

25. I wish I could tell you that.

26. Italy.

27. I cant tell you those, because when it comes to baby names, I AM A GENIUS. As far as dog names though, Billy Ho, Jax, Roxy

28. Hmmmm.... I think it was Raven Symone when she was on the Cosby Show.

29. It's a good show. But it has been disappointing me this season.

30. NO. I win.

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