Friday, December 31, 2010


Well well well... This year is about 14 hours from being over, and i'd say it was a pretty good one.

I got married.

I played football.

Lin graduated college.

Jenny had a baby, and now the baby has probably taken more baths than she has.

Jody and Monica, and Greg and Amanda got engaged.

Bird is still hairy.

My best friend Q moved to California. (Shout out to earthquakes and great weather)

Gary Coleman died. At least he didnt have a short life.

C-Jai turned 21 FINALLY. No more underage drinking for her.

My cousins Andre and Joey started college. And they didnt fail any classes.

Reggie and Liz got married.

Adrian and Alicia got married.

I got a new job that I really enjoy, but only on Fridays. (Kidding, I like it all the time) (That's what she said).

And the most important thing of all...

I started this random blog where I get to express my feelings and make up a bunch of junk about life, poke fun at my family and friends, share funny videos, and relieve stress.

Thank you to all of you bored people out there who actually read this thing. I do it for you.


No really. I do. And I really appreciate all of your great comments. I hope all of you have a fun and SAFE New Year's Eve/New Year.

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