Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giveaway #1 for this week goes to...

Mr. Matthew Cz... Czk... 

(gotta look it up on Facebook)

Mr. Matthew Czizek!

I've known this jive turkey for a long time. We go way back to Highland Middle School Band! I was the cool kid on the sax and Czizek was the big man on the trombone. Plus, he is probably the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan I know.

Matthew wins my Funny Status Contest this week, but not for his funny status. He sent me a link to a website that completely changed my life. ( And with that simple task, he is a winner this week and will recieve a special One-of-a-Kind prize from ME! CONGRATS

*Make sure and search around that site. Just like Nick Cannon, it's HILARIOUS. *

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