Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Challenge.

I used to love Road Rules and The Real World.

Road Rules is pretty much gone now, and Real World is just boring. I could predict exactly what would happen on a season of The Real World. For example:

  • There will be white people, one black, maybe a hispanic, a gay person, a person from the country that says racist things, a funny guy, and a drug addict/alcoholic/bullimic - pretty much, somebody with a problem.
  • They will get drunk together on the first night. One of the roommates will get too drunk and throw up. Then they will be ashamed for acting so crazy.
  • Somebody will fight.
  • Somebody will complain about the cleanliness of the house.
  • More people will fight
  • People will make up, tell the confessional camera what they have learned about their self, hug everybody, cry and go home.
*Side-Note* I could also tell you what happens on every episode of Glee.
  • Rachel will sing some sappy solo about love.
  • Brittney will be dumb.
  • Mr. Shue will be sad about Emma.
  • Sue will make fun of everybody and try to ruin the Glee Club.
  • Kurt will sulk about something.
  • Artie will be in a wheelchair.
But that's besides the point. The most exciting thing about the Real World and Road Rules are the challenges at the end of every season. I love seeing the competitions and the backstabbing that goes on with this show.

If you didnt see it this week, then you really missed out. To make a short story shorter, CT came back to battle a person from the Red and Blue team to see who stays, and who goes. Watch the clip and see how it ended. :)

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