Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am positive I had a nervous breakdown Sunday.

First off, I hate shopping. With a passion. Why did I want to go? Because I got money for Christmas and I wanted to THAT'S WHY!

So me and little Lin ventured west to Ridgmar mall.

Big mistake.

People would walk in front of me, and walk slow. Or just stand in the middle of the walkway.

I have never in my life, wanted to push and kick people as much as I wanted to on Sunday.

AND what's the deal with skinny jeans?? Why is it that they are EVERYWHERE. This donk is not made for skinny jeans. I would try, what I thought was regular jeans on, but then I get the pants up to my thighs and say to myself  "This aint gonna work".

I just wanted regular jeans that could fit this chocolate thunder.


My favorite pizza place in the mall, Italia Express is gone.
I knew they were gone, but as I was standing in line for the new place, I realized, I didnt want to pay $10 for a slice a pizza that probably sucked. I miss you Italia... :(

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  1. Any idea where Italia went? Did they close doors for good? I had been eating that pizza since I was a kid, way back before the remodel when the food court was on the first floor. I don't live in Funky Town anymore but everytime I am in town I would make a special trip to Ridgmar especially for Italia. Very sad...