Friday, December 31, 2010


Anybody seen this movie? I have, numerous times. And I love it. It's just so creepy thinkin about how this REALLY happened.

Then somebody was sayin how it would be cool to die in an awesome way. For example, if you were in the bathroom pooping at the same time as the CEO of the company you work for, and a gunman comes in and kills both of you. You would die in the same fashion as the CEO of a major company, and Elvis.

That would definitely beat out dying by choking on something.

But I think it would be pretty sweet being killed by a serial killer. (Zodiac, Charles Manson, Bufflo Bill - Fictional, but you get the picture)

Your story would be told to millions on the news and documentaries, maybe even a Lifetime movie.

AND you would have a good reason to haunt people.

I am determined to be a ghost one day...

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