Monday, December 6, 2010

I feel for Heath Miller.

If you didnt watch the Steelers vs. Ravens game last night, or you dont watch ESPN, watch the video below...

Since this NFL season started there has been a lot of hubub (old folks word) about concussions and helmet to helmet hits. I've been trying to decide where I stand on it, because I, like many of the players in the NFL, have experienced multiple concussions (You are probably saying to yourself "Wow that explains a lot". )

If I ever find my BIG concussion video, Ill put it on here. You will laugh.

Anywho, I really think the referees need to do a better job. I think it is completely retarded that somebody can land an illegal hit and the next day you find out you get fined $40,000 for it.

Stop trying to kill each other every play. Leave that to the guys who play Semi-Pro football that think they are still awesome.

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