Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Le Shout-Outs!

Cassie - ROOOAAAARRRRR! I miss you, and I would like to see my babies ASAP! Tell them Ankle Ricky said HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Tammy - Miss my other mama! Little Tanner's quarter century birthday is coming up. Maybe we should do something really special this year.... Tell Derrrrrrnnnn I said what's up. :)

Brandi - What can I say about you that I havent said about somebody else important.
        Im only kidding. Im glad I have some sisters like you and Brit. Well... more you, cuz Brittany is kinda weird and she smells funny sometimes.

Joseph Michael Davis Solis a.k.a. Joe Bob - What up lil cuz! Im ready to kick it with you and all the fam again at Christmas. Me and Reggie have some plans... All im gonna tell you though is GET READY!

Kinsey - Hello. What can I say about you that I havent already said about your sister. You're the little sister I've never really wanted, but I love ya anyways. So proud of you for ACU. Wait... you're still goin there right? BTW, Im ready to see you run some track! DO WORK.

La'Tricia - Pardon me for that typo, I meant to say COOOOKIE!!!!!!! Miss you and Kok. We need to make a trip soon. How about all of the cousins that are of age, go to Vegas for a weekend????

Sir-Spanks-A-Lot - Hello to my old improv friend. Glad to see you're doing well. One of these days, you're gonna be famous. I know it. If you need a personal assistant, let me know. Im sure im good at making coffee, or fetching other things for you. It could be like the life of a modern day indentured servant.

Brittany - Apparently I have two Britney Smiths as friends. And I thought one was knocked up, but its the other one. (Thanks for lookin out Lin). Anywho, im glad I can make your bad days better with my constant rambling and jibber jabber non-sense. I hope all is well, and stays well. Or else....   

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