Thursday, June 24, 2010

16 Days left.

I have the keys.

Now, its time to pack up, and get out of Saginaw and take that long, boring drive to Downtown Fort Worth. Holla.

Today, I had the great pleasure of scaring a lady in the parking lot. I didnt think fast enough to video it, but if I would have, the video would have been priceless. Rest assure, it will happen again, soon. After I do it, im gonna say

This event got me in the mood for Halloween again. I can NOT wait! I love scaring people and haunted houses and all the stuff that comes with it. Ill go ahead and tell you folks right now, if youre in the area and you want to go to a fun, put together haunted house, come to Laura's this year. I dont know what ill be yet. But im pretty sure im gonna get a Jeanette Ramirez costume and make everybody poop and pee all over their silly Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga outfits. That costume is hideous.


I wanna give a quick shout out to...

Brandi Coppedge - You rock.
Caitlin Brinkley - You rock. And I miss you dearly.
John Doney and Earth - Shout out.
Shane Dunavin - Even though your almost 80, you are a beast of a QB.

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