Sunday, June 27, 2010

Does this count as a funny story since its 13 days away?

So I get a phone call from my mother today while I am enjoying a tasty sandwich.


Me- "What's up?"

Mom -  "Aunt Pebbles went to pick up Lin's ring and they gave her the wrong one"

Me - "Is it more expensive, cuz then we can keep it."

Lin is in freakout mode. I understand why she is upset. Especially bein so close to the big day. But I mean, if you think about it, it is a tad bit comical. That is a pretty large mistake on the jewlers. I wonder how the phone call is gonna go tomorrow morning....

Anywho, all of the furniture is put together except for one table. It was all a lot of work, but it feels good to have the big stuff out of the way. Also, I have been through 3 garage clickers for our garage at the complex. Either all the clickers they have are ALL dead, or they really dont want me parking in there. Hopefully that will get figured out this week.

The sun beat me down today. It's time to rest.

SuperStar of the week is tomorrow. First person to write me a message on Facebook and tell me the code word "Tasty Boogers" will be it. HOLLA!!!!!

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