Monday, June 21, 2010

The sky is just full of these amazingly shiny SUPERSTARS!!!!

Well it's time again folks.

This week was a very hard, random decision. So for now, I have three candidates to choose from.

Marcus Outland

So Marcus is apparently related to me somehow. We still havent figured out the exact location of where he came from but were glad to call him a cousin. This week, Marcus stood out to me because he is a dance machine. If you try to battle him on the dance floor, you will end up walking off with a look of defeat in your poor little beady loser eyes. I dont know if it was because of Juneteenth or what, but Marcus is really blingin this week. Also, he likes big butts. (See picture to the left to see how big of butts Marcus likes)

 Whitney Hudler

Whitney is the epit... epito... Whitney is what the meaning of SuperStar comes from. Whitney goes to show that even if you dont take showers every day, you can still brighten up some ones life (even though your undies might be dingy). Whitney and her husband Kris have been together since JFK was assassinated and continue to love and cherish each other dearly when they want something really bad. Whitney, you rock!

Robby McCans

Robby (Government name Miles Robert Tallahassee McCanisburg) really didnt do too much this week. But I like to look at his face every once in a while because he shaves it so nicely. Also, Robby works at Patrizios. And Patrizios is to Italian food like how Soulja Boy Tell Em is to rap music: Simply Greatness. Patrizios is so great and italian, when I pass by it, I feel like I'm still in Fort Worth, but super hungry for Italian food. Thanks Robby for having a great job and a cool face.

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