Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I wanna give a big SHOUT-OUT to all the Indians (Native Americans) for going above and beyond, and actually Making it Rain. Yall are LEGIT.

I also wanna give a shout out to:
DD Betts
The Albinator!
Meka (Will you ever get to be a SuperStar)
T-Bird and all of the FTB Mafia
Tasha (I see you doin it big over there in Norf Cackalaky)
Andre, JoeBob and Jenny
J-Si from 106.1 Kiss FM (Im pretty positive he will never read this, but I like him, cuz he's me, except he's Mexican)
Greg and all of the Floaters - My time is coming soon!!!
Happy Birfday Brian Morris
Coo Coo Magoo - Big thangs are about to get poppin!
Oliver Tull - I havent talked to ya in a while, so I gotta shout out to you... AHHH!
Lacey - Thanks for the goofy pics of me.

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