Monday, June 28, 2010


Matthew Denman

This week's SuperStar was picked by my FBM (Future Baby Mama). Matthew is an incredibly bad beer pong player from Dallas, TX. He too, is getting married just like I am. So instead of a real present, I wanted to make him Superstar of the week as their present, therefore saving me some money. I really hope he reads this, and appreciates it as much as a real gift. And I want to give you a few tips before you jump the broom.
1.I know lots of rappers and "Ballers" say, DO IT BIG. Well... don't.
2. Leave the stress for people that you pay (Florist, DJ, Planner, Bride), and for your bridal party.
3. Remember to show up, smile, and say I do when it's your turn.

Congrats Matt! I hope you have a great week being all SuperStarry.

Notable People who almost got picked but didnt.
  • Jenny Ramirez (I was gonna pick you, but when I saved your picture, my computer crashed)
  • All of my little cousins (Yall are just super crunk and Im very proud of all yall the time.)
  • Robbins Brothers (I almost told you to suck it, but you fixed the mistake and we are happy now.)

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