Saturday, June 19, 2010

Texting will driving.

So, this morning I came to the conclusion that there is no way you can stop texting while driving. (Well of course, if you make it illegal and if you get busted there is a giant fine and possible jail time. But then of course it would have to be classified as reckless driving and endangerment or something like that. )
I believe America should look at texting while driving like they look at teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. America didnt say "Hey kids, stop having sex NOW!". They more politely said, "Hello younger generation, you dont have to stop having sex, but if you do choose to perform this act, make sure you use protection."
Therefore, we shouldnt be taking pledges to make our nice vehicles "No Phone Zones". We should take a pledge that states:

I will only text if I have a friend holding the wheel.
If I am alone, I will only text at red lights and stop signs.
If I am on the highway, I will pull over and send important texts if needed.
If I hit something, I will throw my phone out of the window and blame the wreck on the other person, or an animal that darted out in front of me.

*WARNING* Please do not take me seriously. I am a professional rambler and doing this under the supervision of other professional ramblers. Pay attention while you drive. If you run into me because you are texting and driving, you will recieve a crusty foot into your backside. Gracias.

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