Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well it's 50% Official.

I am now, almost a resident of the Lofts @ West 7th. Friday should be 100% as long as everything goes swell.

You know what I hate? I hate when people walk right in front of you, but then they walk really slow. I have been wanting to kick a whole lot of people for some time, and I think I might act on it here pretty soon. When we were at IKEA on Sunday, people were just strolling and gracefully walking and talking and looking at furniture. I've never wanted to kick an old lady into an entertainment center as bad as when im in IKEA.

I wish I could be boogie boarding RIGHT NOW.

I went into my old stompin grounds today Downtown. It was refreshing. Then I kicked it with Billy and Antonio for a minute. They are so cool, REAL, people.

If you ever want to win guaranteed money in a game of dominoes, play Billy Patrick Jr. He is about as good as the Cleveland Browns during there 1946-Present football seasons.

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