Friday, September 17, 2010

Im letting you inside of my head...

I've had various people ask me "Where do you come up with this stuff that you put on your blog".

Well wonderers, this is how I do it.

First, I wake up and eat a delectable breakfast which usually consists of Cap'n Crunch Oops all berries, S'More Pop Tarts or toast with strawberry jelly. Unless Lindsay makes me breakfast, which in that case is usually waffles, or biscuits and gravy. *I was just informed that I will be having a breakfast made for me tomorrow morning and it will be pigs in a snuggie and eggs.*

Then, I pee. And while I pee, I close my eyes and take myself to a place far far away from here. A place with a big field that I can just run free, while listening to Good Morning by Chamillionaire. (See video below and tell me that you dont feel like running through a field)

After that, I eat two fruit by the foots, go to my favorite spa and take a warm mud bath. I dont know what they put in that mud, but it pulls all of the negative energy out of me and makes me feel refreshed inside, and out.

I come home, put on my silk robe, sit on the couch with a nice glass of Moscato, turn on my favorite Michael Bolton album, and get to writing. It's a very rigorous process, but I love to do it all the way through to ensure that my writing abilities will be shown to the fullest.

Now you all know.

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