Monday, September 13, 2010

The Time is HERE!

So what if it's only September... It's HAUNTING SEASON! OOOHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Was that laugh evil or what?)

If you dont know already, Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. There's just something about scary stuff that really excites me.

Anywho, I thought id give away some free advertising for a couple of my favorite haunted houses in the area.

First off:

(In my deep scary voice)

Cutting Edge, the World's Largest haunted house is now open for the 2010 haunt season.
Come make your way through an hour and a half darkness in this old abandoned meat packing plant in the area of Fort Worth titled HELL'S HALF ACRE! Can you handle a crazy man with a chainsaw banging on your port-o-potty as youre trying to concentrate. Will you be able to make your way through 10ft tall bubble room, or will you stay in there and play just for the free bath?
Cutting Edge: Open this weekend, and every weekend after that until we make enough money to survive for the next year.


The Hangman is back for 2010 and ready to take claim more victims than Dexter and Buffalo Bill combined.

Opening this Friday night, Hangmans House of Horrors will be in full effect, and ready to scare the crap out of you. Buy a combo ticket and get into all FOUR attractions. Also, Hangmans offers FREE PARKING!
Yes, I said FREE.
All proceeds are donated to charity.

Im going to both. And possibly a couple more, depending on how much drugs I sell and how much money I will have. Make sure you go out and support these awesome haunted houses. Because RICKY WRIGHT SAID SO SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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