Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Countdown

1. Cowboys frustrated and disappointed me last night.
2. Random Person game still has no name, but it is still mad crazy legit fun. Please give me new ideas for a name. Thank you.
3. I wish my life was on tv. It would be pretttttyyyyyy funny to watch. Better than The Hills anyways.
4. Me + Bird + Grilled Cheese samiches + N'Sync = Something funny to watch on my tv show.
5. Dang Cowboys.
6. Margaritas, Whiskey, Beer and other random things make you feel awesome the day after.
7. I give people a hard time for being old. When I'm old, I wonder how im gonna take it.
8. We watched The Strangers, Saturday night. That movie is pretty creepy. Makes me glad that I live in a one bedroom apartment. Way less places for a murderer to hide, AND if i were to scream in pain because I was getting stabbed in the stomach by a man with a potato sack on his head, I'm pretty sure that somebody would hear me.
9. Hillbilly Hell is gonna be awesome this year.
10. I wonder how the Cowboys team meeting went today. I still love you guys, but we need to pick it.

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