Friday, September 10, 2010

Part Deax

Where were we on this story?

Oh yeah... We slowly pull up to the house. (By the way, Brandi is driving, and she never drives.) Immediately, Brandi is like "IM NOT GOING IN". Lin takes a look at the house, and says "Im not going in either. Mav, gets out of the car, screams (Because she said she heard something), gets back in the car and she doesnt want to go in either. Apryl walks around the back of the car, and scared Laura so bad that she jumped in to my arms, and im almost positive she peed a little bit. On herself, not on me.

So here we are, us four brave souls walking into what is most likely a death trap. I didnt want to go in at all. I thought we were just going to walk up to the house, look at it, look around and leave. But nooooooooooo.... Laura the Ghostbuster wants to go in and investigate.

I completely forgot, Anna is with us too. Just another white female to throw on the list.

I need to pause from this story for a second because I just recieved two text messages asking me why somebody never gets a shout out. So here. Hello Brittany my favorite sister ever. Im shouting loud and clear in the middle of my awesome story just for you so I hope you really really appreciate it. Love ya!

Anywho (Sorry for the interruptions. I gotta please one of my 9 fans that I have), we walk into this old creepy house, arm in arm. There's trash on the floor, doors hangin off of the hinges, windows busted out and a mattress on the floor. HOBO ALERT HOBO ALERT HOBO ALERT. I just kept seeing this crazy ol hairy fella running towards us in my head, and in that case is to throw one of the girls at him and dont look back.

Somehow, Laura convinces us to go up the stairs and search some more. Dont know how she did it, but she did it. When we get up there, homegirl pulls out a candle, lights it, and sits it in the middle of the floor.

"If there are any spirits in this house, please give us a sign" (She's saying this with all of us standing in a circle eyes closed, except for mine because I was smart and looking around just in case we got bum rushed).

"If there are any spirits in this house, please, give us a sign....".

Im so glad they decided to scare some other crazy people that night.

And im glad i didnt run into this big guy....

The hands down creepiest part of the night... As we were walking up to the house, I kept hearing a noise that sounded like static from a walkie talkie. Im pretty sure Anna and Apryl heard it too. I must have heard it 5 or 6 times and the noise was coming from the right of me (South). After coming out of the house, a speed walking back to the car, we heard the noise one more time: This time, it was extra loud, and it was on the other side of us (North). Dont know what it was, but I wasnt stickin around to find out.

All in all, I had a suuuuuppppper fun time. So thank you Laura for being so crazy, looney, nuts, outrageous, insane. You rock, and you win SuperStar of the MONTH of October, even though its still Septemeber.

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