Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's Lin's Birthday (In 2 Hours)

So, im a bit of a procrastinator and I cant think of something to get Lindsay for her bday. I need some help..

Choice #1.
A baby. They make you smile, even when they poop on themselves. I dont think she would want this as a present though.

Choice #2.
I know i'm gonna sound real sexist right now, but every woman needs cleanin supplies.
*The views of are completely ficticious and in no way meant to be taken seriously at any time. Please do not write me bad comments about this. Gracias. *

Choice #3

We live in Texas. Duh.

Choice #4

I was honestly thinking about getting her a Paula Deen cookbook, but then I remembered that I do not want high blood pressure, and I also do not want to have a heart attack at the age of 23.

I guess I cant think of anything awesome. I guess I'll just keep giving her my love, because that's the gift that keeps on giving. I love you Freddie! Have an awesome 24th birthday! (I snagged me a cougar! RAWRRRR)

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