Friday, September 17, 2010

The Weekend is here.

Pictured above is my next tattoo. Im gonna put it on my chest. In between Copperfield and The Amazing Johnathan.

When I deliver reports in the morning, I get scared. I get very scared that I'm going to walk into someones office to drop something off, and they are gonna be slumped over dead in the chair. Then I will be girly sounding man on the news as they play the 911 recording.

That's when Horatio comes in to question me, and I tell him any information I can remember. Hopefully he can solve the murder before the killer leaves town, and leaves the country. With the help of Callie, Eric, and Wolf, I know he will be able to handle it.

Plans for the weekend include the following:
Lunch with the lady. Dont know where we are going yet, but hopefully she wants to eat something made in this country.

Hangman's tonight. Yes it's Septemeber, but I dont care what you think. Ill let you know how it is.

Tomorrow, I hope I dont wake up until about 2pm. And at night we will be purifying ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka with The Kid and Morris Day.

I hope all of you peeps out there (All 6 of you that read the blog daily, even though I dont write on it daily) have an awesome and safe weekend. Tell somebody you love them. Preferrably somebody that you don't know, or never met before. It's amazing to see the look on their face.

I love you all.

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  1. You have a new reader now, so make that 7!! Thanks for the laugh!!